Terminal Swager

Terminal Swager

Bench Press Spares

Fig.DescriptionPart Number
1Base, Cast Iron430-3806-01-00-10
2Handle Assembly430-3807-01-00-00
3Anvil Plate430-3812-01-07-00
4Board Support Rod430-3813-01-07-00
5Cam Shaft430-3814-01-00-00
6Brass Locking Pad430-3815-03-00-00
7Domed Hex Nut (was thumb nut) (5/16 - 18)931-3684-01-29-00
8Thumb Screw (10 - 24)330-3817-01-12-00
9Spring Pin315-3811-01-00-00
10Compression Spring345-3818-01-00-00
11PunchSee product pages for part number
12AnvilSee product pages for part number
13Thumb Nut (10 - 24)310-3829-01-12-00
14Set Screw330-1914-01-12-00
15Machined Socket Head Screw (8 - 32)330-0176-07-12-00
16Set Screw (8 - 32)330-1914-01-12-00
17Name Plate610-5579-01-00-00
18Drive Screw (No. 4)330-3820-01-00-00
19Retaining Ring345-3821-01-00-00
20Tool Kit390-0081-01-00-00

Tool installation instructions - Stage Instruction

  1. Loosen screws (15) in anvil plate (3)
  2. Install anvil (12) in anvil plate (3)
  3. Remove domed hex nuts (were thumb nuts) (7), cam shaft (5) and handle assembly (2)
  4. Install retaining ring (19) on punch (11)
  5. Install punch, inserting through compression spring (10)
  6. Reassemble handle assembly (2), cam shaft (5) and domed hex nut (were thumb nuts) (7)
  7. Bring handle forward so that punch (11) touches anvil (12)
  8. Line up punch and anvil by moving anvil plate (3)
  9. Lock anvil plate in place by tightening screws (15)
  10. Adjust anvil height by screwing into anvil plate, so that the clearance between punch and anvil, with handle all the way forward, is slightly less than the thickness of the board to be swaged
  11. Lock anvil in place by tightening set screw (14)
  12. Properly locate board support rods (4), (if needed) to fit board to be swaged
  13. Adjust thumb screws (8) so that the board will be level, and lock in place with thumb nuts (13)
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